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It is our pleasure to inform the membership that our Innovative Grant Program Proposal was approved and HPRAR will be receiving $2,500 from NC REALTORS® to go towards our cause, Senior Home and Assets Protection.

Special thank you to two of our members, Deborah Davis and Brantley Mays who headed up this project and will continue to work on and see it through.

The Senior Home and Assets Protection program will provide free of charge safety mechanisms that allow immediate access to an older person’s home when health emergencies arise, provide long term control and security of personal private property, whether or not the resident is present, and eliminate the added health concerns of extra stress caused by worry about their home being wide open. Successful completion will greatly benefit our members and homeowners/renters.  It is the classic win/win.  Top of mind awareness and the REALTOR® Family being associated with safety issues (quality of life) will flow to our members.  Affected homeowners and renters will have peace of mind their home is secure, and they can focus on whatever medical issue is at hand.  They will have REALTORS® to thank for this security.

We have created a consortium of first responders, not just from the family of real estate related specialty providers.  We have and continue to consult and coordinate with Police, Fire, EMT, and both local and county senior services to develop a truly comprehensive plan.  The program’s success will expand the REALTOR® Family’s sphere of influence and touch points of excellence.  Additionally, we anticipate an increase in top of mind awareness and enhanced awareness for the REALTOR® Brand.